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City Council lets Johnson’s Pasture purchase option lapse...
2 December 2006

The Claremont City Council has let the Johnson’s Pasture purchase agreement lapse. The agreement had given the City the right to purchase Johnson’s Pasture for $12 million; however, the property was subsequently assessed at a lower value, and purchasing the property above the assessed value will cause the City to lose grants from the state that could partially offset the purchase price. The Council is hoping to negotiate a new agreement with the owners. For more information read the Claremont Courier article.

City Council adopts new Claremont General Plan...
15 November 2006

Claremont General Plan logo

At their November 14th meeting the Claremont City Council adopted a new General Plan. A number of Friends serving on General Plan Subcommittees lobbied for inclusion of environmental values in the new General Plan, and the plan as adopted is clear about the value of natural open space. It begins “Claremont is one of the leaders in the region in creating a legacy of open space for future generations. We recognize two general categories of open space: natural and constructed (developed). Natural open space is the more precious because it cannot be replaced once lost.”

The vision statement also includes, “The continued existence of natural open space within the City is crucial to the distinctive character of Claremont. Natural open spaces may be valued for their beauty or interest, for their recreational value, for their educational value, for providing refuges for native plants and animals and preserving ecosystems, or for their evocation of our area's cultural and environmental history. They contribute to the City’s sense of place. Because such areas are limited in number and irreplaceable, the City makes great efforts to conserve them wherever they occur, taking into consideration the rights of property owners, and encourages first the use and reuse of already changed lands. The City is creative in its exploration of all avenues leading to the long-term preservation of all natural areas throughout the City for the benefit of present and future generations.”

The plan also mentions some benefits of natural open space in terms of sustainability, principally water-related.

The City Council also agreed to Change one of the policies to read, “Continue to protect architectural, historical, OPEN SPACE, ENVIRONMENTAL, and archaeological resources throughout the city.”

Measure S to buy Johnson’s pasture passes...
9 November 2006

View of Johnson's Pasture
Johnson’s Pasture
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In a great victory for the local environment, Claremont voters passed Measure S, authorizing the City to float $12.5 million of general obligation bonds to purchase Johnson’s Pasture. The measure received more than 70 percent of the votes cast!

You can read the Claremont Courier story and find up-to-date information on Johnson’s Pasture at the Claremont Wildlands Conservancy.

FBBFS provides fun for kids at Claremont's Village Venture...
28 October 2006

The Friends of the Field Station hosted a game booth for kids at Claremont’s Village Venture Arts & Crafts Faire. Over 20,000 visitors attended this annual event, which features original art, unique crafts, international food, a children’s Halloween costume parade, the Scarecrow of the Year, and The Great Pumpkin Contest.

FBBFS July 4th Banner
The Friends’ July 4th banner

FBBFS participates in July 4th festivities...
4 July 2006

The Friends of the Field Station participated in Claremont’s Independence Day Celebration with a game booth for children, an information booth, and a parade entry. The Friends also sponsored a banner in front of the California Bank & Trust (right).

BFS fence move completed...
30 June 2006

New west fence at the BFS
The newly completed BFS fence

Movement of the fence on the west side of the BFS to allow widening of College Avenue has been completed. In the end the fence was only moved in about 2 m from its previous location. Jonescape, the contractors, did an excellent job of minimizing damage to the native vegetation and keeping the BFS secure during construction.

The widening of College was needed to improve access to proposed new student housing for Claremont Graduate University. There is no information on when the road widening or construction of the graduate housing will begin.

FBBFS Holds Silent Auction...
6 March 2006

The Friends’ annual arts and crafts silent auction is being held March 6-30 at the Claremont Folk Music Center.

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