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Volume 1, Issue 1September 22, 1999

"KGI's mission, objectives, and curriculum have been and continue to be well informed by extensive counsel from industry, particularly pharmaceutical, agribusiness, biotechnology, and instrumentation and medical device companies."
Statement from Keck Institute Website

Keck and CST in Covenant?
CST Trustees, Administration Voice Support for Keck

By Siri Dale

CST-Keck handshake    "On behalf of the Claremont School of Theology community and administration, we favor the acceptance of the EIR and the establishment of the Keck Graduate Institute and the KGI/CGU housing as part of the North Campus Master Plan ... We look forward to Keck being our neighbor," stated Spencer Bates, Claremont School of Theology Vice President of Finance and Administration, at the special Claremont City Council meeting held last Thursday, September 9, 1999. The purpose of this public hearing was for the Mayor and City Council members to determine whether or not to accept the appeal of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) filed by a group of local citizens, the Friends of the Bernard Biological Field Station. The city's Architectural Commission had previously approved the EIR for the proposed construction of the newest Claremont College, the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences, on eleven acres of the Bernard Biological Field Station located just east of the CST campus.

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"Claremont...It's Perfect." --closing words from video created by Claremont City Chamber of Commerce
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