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The Robert J. Bernard
Biological Field Station

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There is a choice!

The Bernard Field Station (BFS) lies adjacent to the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden just north of Foothill, between College and Mills Avenues. Established in 1976 by the Claremont Colleges, the BFS is a genuine and unique community treasure. It provides a magnificent view of open land, mountain, and sky for all who live in or pass through Claremont, reminding us of what the surrounding landscape once was like. It provides habitat for many native plants and animals and is an outdoor classroom for both college students and Claremont children, as well as an important historical site for the Tongva, the indigenous people of the Claremont basin. Its historical, ecological, visual, and educational importance are clear.

Unfortunately, the Bernard Field Station is also the proposed location for the fledgling seventh Claremont College, the Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences (KGI). Building here would destroy all that is precious about the land and would open up the rest of the Field Station for development as well.


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