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Claremont Approval Process for the Keck Graduate Institute

North Campus Master Plan

The project that includes the Keck Graduate Institute is the North Campus Master Plan (NCMP), which has two components: (1) a new facility for the Keck Graduate Institute on 11 acres on the north side of Foothill Boulevard between College and Dartmouth Avenues (currently part of the Bernard Biological Field Station), and (2) new graduate housing between the Claremont School of Theology to the south, and the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden and the Claremont Golf Course to the north.

Project Approval Process -- CEQA

The process for project approval is determined by laws and policies of the City of Claremont and by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). CEQA dictates that if a project potentially has significant effects on the environment, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) must be prepared. The EIR provides decision makers with information on environmental impacts and alternative sites.

Because the NCMP will have significant impacts on Claremont's environment, an EIR was prepared. The EIR found that the project would have significant long-term impacts on biological resources (habitat loss), aesthetic resources (loss of mountain views and natural vegetation). The construction will also cause short-term impacts on air quality and noise.

In order to approve a project with significant negative environmental impacts, the City must adopt a Statement of Overriding Consideration, which says that the benefits of the project outweigh the impacts. The City must then file a Notice of Determination with the state.

1Two other significant impacts in the Draft EIR were removed in the Final version. A significant negative impact on the City's character (loss of an iconic view) was removed by the Architechtural Commission, who felt that a new college would enhance Claremont's character. A significant negative impact on recreational facilities (added use of parks, etc., by residents of graduate student housing) was removed because the Colleges agreed to preserve the Claremont Golf Courses for 25 years.

North Campus Master Plan Timeline for Project Approval

Completed Claremont University Center (CUC) submits NCMP to CityApr 98
Completed City determines that EIR needed Aug 98
Completed City notifies responsible agencies Sept 98
Completed Envicom, Inc., an environmental consulting company, prepares Draft EIR Aug 98 - Mar 99
Completed City releases Draft EIR Mar 99
Completed *Public, responsible agencies, and other commissions comment on Draft EIR Mar - Apr 99
Completed *Arch. Comm. considers Draft EIR Apr 99
Completed Envicom, Inc., revises EIR May - Jun 99
Completed City releases Final EIR July 99
Completed *Public, responsible agencies, and other commissions comment on Final EIR July 99
Completed *Arch. Comm. considers Final EIR July 99
Completed Arch. Comm. certifies EIR July 99
Completed Friends of the Bernard Biological Field Station appeal EIR certification Aug 99
Completed *City Council hears appeal Sept 99
Completed City Council upholds Arch. Comm. decision and certifies EIR Sept 99
__ *Arch. Comm. considers plan, adopts Statement of Overriding Considerations, approves project Apr 00
__ City files Notice of Determination with State ? Apr 00
__ *(Project approval is appealed to City Council) (?Apr 00)
__ City and CUC draw up and sign Development Agreement ?Apr - May 00
__ *Architectural Comm. considers building plans ? May 00
__ Fire Department, Planning Department, etc. approve specific construction plans ? Apr - Jun 00
__ Construction begins ? July 00



*Opportunity for public comment


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