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News from the Friends of The Bernard Biological Field Station of the Claremont Colleges
City Council Candidate Statement

Jackie McHenryJackie McHenry

I’m proud to have helped with our new General Plan which emphasizes sustainability, and I hope to continue increasing Claremont’s financial, social, political, and of course, environmental, sustainability. My husband and I started small 23 years ago by replacing our lawn with drought-tolerant plants and only running one car. As a council member since 2003, I attend conferences on sustainable development. I’ve worked towards increasing recycling and the purchase of hybrid vehicles. I worked hard on Measure S so that we can continue preserving as much as possible of the natural open space that’s so important to the look and feel of Claremont.

The Bernard Field Station is part of our natural open space. It is an important educational resource for the college community and for the general Claremont community. When I was in the Campus Women’s Hiking Group, we visited the field station several times and were delighted and amazed at the wonderful wild life and plants we saw in this place that few of us had known existed. How sad I was when I heard a new campus was going to be built on its grounds so that part would be lost to our community. I knew other development had been proposed from time to time, but didn’t think that anyone would really be so shortsighted as to destroy this treasure. It seems to me that there must be a middle ground and that those who want to save it and those who want to develop it should talk. Surely something could be worked out that would benefit us all, and surely working together is in everyone’s best interest. I promise to do my best to see that this happens.

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